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FREE 2021 Spiritual Planner (As usual, centered around the Ancestors and FREE for YOU and ANY of those you know!!!)

It. Is. FINALLY. Here.
The 2020 Spiritual Planner!
FOR Spiritual Black Folks...
BY Spiritual Black Girls!
Cover Art by the Talented and Ever Impressive:
Yes Ma'am/Madame/Lady/Princess/Queen/King/You/WHOMEVER!
 The 2021 Spiritual Planner by Spiritual Black Girls//Sankofa Ancestor Shrine had to BATTLE with Amazon for a full month to reach publication.
This planner is even better than the 2020 planner!!!
It is for Black people who venerate their Ancestors and nature, and is compatible with all African Traditional and Pagan Religions alike. 
Scroll down to get a free copy you can print yourself!
- Prayers
- Proverbs
- and Poetry!
Made by @SpiritualBlackGirls/ @SankofaAncestorShrine!
FREE EPUB File: CLICK HERE (Google Drive)
FREE PDF: CLICK HERE (Google Drive) or CLICK HERE (Google Docs)
Paperback (NOW WITH Barnes & Noble!): Barnes N Noble
KINDLE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE per Amazon 2020 Rules! Please convert EPUB or print/purchase paperback! YES, this is NOT a joke. After YEARS of playing by Bezos rules, Spiritual Black Girls are BLOCKED from Amazon E-Books!
This is partially because Kindles specifically canNOT take notes on device...even though many of you use the planner and workbook files on non-Kindle devices.
The experience was bad enough I am no longer going to publish with Amazon if possible I will ALWAYS publish from Barnes N Noble from now (Dec 2020) into the future.
PLEASE use the EPub file or PDF and convert it to use with your reading device for 2021 and beyond! I know this is possible on a PC (personal computer). 
I plan to use Barnes & Noble for ALL spiritual workbooks, planners, and prayer books going forward, so please keep an eye out for this!
We are TRANSITIONING from Amazon due to their bad business practices, especially during
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For the 2021 planner I researched 11 Ancestors/Subjects (many that I left blank in 2020 for personal research).
These were people I felt important to learn and be inspired from as we grow through the year and find ourselves in modern Ancestral Veneration.
If you see a mistake or think there's something Spiritual Black Girls should add 
or if you have any issues, questions, thoughts, suggestions, or concerns,
please email me at!
If you have the time, I would be grateful if you left a positive review!
This helps other Spiritual Black Girls to find the planner and other books I have written...
Thank you!


  • Thank You!

  • @Laika, try the link again, it said it was unavailable, but now says it is available to purchase online!

    Spiritual Black Girls
  • When will be able to purchase through Barnes & Noble. I called my local one and they don’t even have it in their system? I looked online and no store within 100 miles carries it. Just wanted to know and thank you for your work and gifts!

  • Hello everyone! I have gone ahead and added a link to download from Google Docs instead of only from Google Drive!

    I hope this helps with the downloading issue a good portion of you keep running into… Please comment again if you are still experiencing issues!

    Spiritual Black Girls
  • Can view but can’t download to print.


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