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DIY Chicken Foot Hoodoo Rosary / Sacred Woman Prayer Beads

Interested in what the Hoodoo Rosary consists of, or want to make your own?

A Hoodoo Rosary is the perfect spiritual item to loop onto a belt, strap, bag, or keep in hand as you move through the chaotic energy of the world. Excellent to have when consistently praying over someone or thing, to keep during court gates, and any situation you know you'd like to add prayer to. 

Your choice of pendant will depend on what is a priority to you! Our Tree of Life pendants symbolize Muva Earth/Asase Yaa, personal development, strength, individuality, and a connection to nature. The chicken foot charm has long been used in Black Conjure culture for protection as a way to "scratch" away at negativity and bad energy around you. The chicken foot can also be used to attack. 
Charms of all kinds can be used for your rosary-- it will depend on your needs, style, and preference, as well as what your living situation allows, as some communities are unfortunately still openly hostile towards those who practice African Traditional Religion. 

Tools Needed:

  • 1 Pendant OR Charm OR Chicken foot with eyepin glued on
  • 1 string, approx 20"
  • 48 beads of 1 color OR 45 beads of one color, with 3 letter beads with your initials or spelling "ASE" 
  • 8 beads of another color

Watch below for full instructions:

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