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FREE Prayer Book to The Ancestors!

The Earth & The Ancestors Prayer Book is for Black people who venerate their Ancestors and nature, so should be compatible with all African Traditional and Pagan Religions alike. Scroll down to get a free copy you can print yourself!
- Prayers
- Proverbs
- and Poetry!
Made by @SpiritualBlackGirls/ @SankofaAncestorShrine!
If I get a positive response, I'll make a more in-depth prayer book! This was a "quick" one where I wrote down prayers I used and tweaked over the course of a year!
Paperback: CLICK HERE
(or just convert the EPUB file above to be compatible with Kindle!)
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I worked really hard to research all of the proverbs and find a specific place they came from (so no just "African" proverbs), but if you see a mistake or think there's one I should add or if you have any issues, questions, thoughts, or concerns, please email me at!
Thank you!


  • I am just beginning my spiritual journey. My dad passed and I started to notice angel numbers everywhere and now here I am. Thank you so much for this because I did not want to offend my ancestors, I want to go to them with all seriousness and honesty. Thank you again

  • Thank You and blessings and a donation sent to you for taking the time to do this.

  • Thank you I’ve been searching for something like this over the last 1.5 years and just now found it.

    Danielle Robbins-Chukwumah
  • Thank you for this resource it will be greatly used.

  • Thank you for this! I just ordered the paperback to support! Plus I didn’t feel like printing it myself :) thanks for that option!


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