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DONATE An Altar 🌹🌿

DONATE An Altar 🌹🌿

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NOTE: This is a DONATION of one (1) Ancestor Travel Altar from you to a Spiritual Black Girl! You are giving this away to someone who cannot afford it. If you want your own altar, please check out a different listing to see an available altar or check back in around a week to see what new ones have been added!

They will receive a RANDOM Ancestor Altar from what I have in stock at a time. The image is just an example of an altar I have made, not exactly what they will get. 

This GIFT to someone in need and a way for those who can to give back to the community in a beautiful way that supports the African Traditional Religion community growing in the States (and by extension worldwide!). 


Each DONATED Altar Includes: 

  • (1) Drawstring Bag: These have beautiful interiors and darker/nondescript exterior so as not to draw attention. Can be opened fully flat to create an altar space if needed.
  • (1) Mini Ugly Jug: Each face jug is handmade from clay in the tradition of African American Ancestors. What you see is what you get! To learn more, check out videos here and here.
  • (3) Hand-drawn Prayer Cards: The prayers focus on the Ancestors, Nature, Spirit and Spirit Guides. To see the cards/prayers, view this video starting at about 8:20.
  • (1) "1865 Eu De Cologne": House made cologne for spraying on self or face jug. Small bottle can be refilled with personal blends, Florida Wata, etc.
  • (1) Mini Bell: For ringing 3 times, creating joyful noise, celebrating with the Ancestors, closing a ceremony, and more! 
  • (9) Pennies: For divination purposes. Can replace pennies with other items that speak more to you (such as mercury dimes, coins with specific dates, bones, shells, buttons, twigs, etc). 
  • (1) Cinnamon Stick: To burn and smoke cleanse.

There is still some room in the bag for a few small items, such as tealight candles, matches/a lighter, a vial with oil or sand, a small notebook, and more! 


These altars will be donated through giveaways on @SpiritualBlackGirls on IG as well as through signups from Spiritual Black Girls who email

This opportunity is available to Black [girls, women, transwomen, and femmes] at this time only.